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Prosper is a cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform that is pioneering the technology of on-chain liquidity aggregation. Prosper uses Chain Link oracle to provide the most relevant on-chain price feeds.

Platform features include:
- Prediction insurance;
- Binary liquidity model;
- On-chain liquidity aggregation and crosschain support;
- Fiat support;
- Custom pools;
- DAO governance;
- Prediction mining;

$PROS token is being used as:
- Prediction insurance token;
- DAO governance token;
- Commission token;
- Premium/subscription token;
- Revenue sharing token;
Concept & general rules

Prosper is a war of bulls and bears. Which side will you take this time?At the moment prosper is in beta version based on Binance Smart Chain, which is featuring short term price prediction pools for $BNB and $ETH. You can use $BNB and $USDC to make predictions.
Prosper's smart contract generates 4 prediction pools every hour:
  1. BNB/BNB: Predictions for $BNB/USD price change within 1 hour. Predictions are being accepted in the BNB.
  2. BNB/USDC: Predictions for $BNB/USD price change within 1 hour. Predictions are being accepted in the USDC.
  3. ETH/BNB: Predictions for $ETH/USD price change within 1 hour. Predictions are being accepted in BNB.
  4. ETH/USDC: Predictions for $ETH/USD price change within 1 hour. Predictions are being accepted in the USDC.
Each prediction pool has condition and final price:

  • Condition price: starting price of the pool. Price of the asset (BNB or ETH) at 00 minutes of each hour;
  • Final price: resolution price. Price of the asset (BNB or ETH) at 59 minutes and 59 seconds of each hour. Used to determine the winning side;
At 00 minutes of each hour, a user can place his/her prediction using BNB or USDC. User can choose one of two sides for his prediction [Note, that you can predict only on 1 side using 1 wallet! If you wish to predict for both sides, please use different wallets!]:

  • Bulls: final price will be above the condition price;
  • Bears: final price will be below the condition price
You've got only 10 minutes to place your predictions after the pool has been generated! The smart contract won't accept new predictions after that time. After the prediction acceptance period has ended, Prospesper UI will calculate the ratio between the BULLS and BEARS and determine the reward for each side.

At 59 minutes 59 seconds of each hour, Prosper smart contract will call Chain Link oracle contract to determine the final price and indicate it in UI. Kindly note that Chain Link uses average price across all exchanges, so it may deviate a bit from an exact exchange price.

After the final price has been determined, Prosper UI will indicate the winner. Users, who predicted for the winning side will share all money from the predictions of the opposite side. The reward pool sharing is done on a proportionally basis.
Prosper DAO

Prosper DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) is a governance of Prosper protocol. Each holder can participate in DAO votings and staking to receive the reward and share the protocol fees. DAO can vote, change protocol fees rate, fee distribution, approve spendings and initiate any other vote related to Prosper.so ecosystem.

The DAO stakers are eligible to share protocol fees and revenue.

  • DAO 1.0: Snapshot votings [ETA: 30th January] - vote and propose on snapshot platform;

  • DAO 2.0: Snapshot votings via DAO dashboard [ETA: 5th February] - vote and propose via DAO UI using Snapshot smart contracts. Stake $PROS to recieve rewards;

  • DAO 3.0: DAO Dashboard [ETA: 10th February] - change fee rate and DAO treasury distribution at any time via Dashboard. Vote and propose via DAO UI using Snapshot smart contracts;
Fees and rewards distribution

Prosper protocol takes 3% fee ONLY from the reward part. For example, if you predicted using 50 BNB and were supposed to receive 100 BNB including the reward, the protocol would take 1.5 BNB (3% from 50 BNB) as a fee, so you will receive only 98.5 BNB.

The fee rate can be changed at any moment on Prosper DAO discretion.

All protocol fees are property of Prosper DAO Treasury. Treasury splits fees on 3 parts:

  • Development fund;

  • DAO governance reward;

  • User incentives;

In the initial version the treasury is being divided into 3 equal parts. However, the ration can be changed on discretion of Prosper DAO Governance.
Prediction mining

Prediction mining is a user incentivizing event. It has been created to boost protocol volumes and engage users.

During the prediction mining campaigns users can earn $PROS token based on their prediction volume
Supported Networks

At the moment Prosper.so is supporting Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Kovan Testnet. Ethereum mainnet support will be added shortly after ETH 2.0 launch.

In Q1 2021 Prosper will also launch versions for Matic, Avalanche and XDai networks.
Supported Wallets

At the moment we support only Metamask wallet. Team is currently integrating Wallet Connect and Trust wallet.
How to start
1. Connect wallet
Connect your wallet to https://beta.prosper.so using Metamask. Make sure your network is being set to the Binance Smart Chain. Use the "connect wallet" button located at the top right corner of the screen.
2. Choose a pool for participation
Choose between the prediction pool by pushing "BNB", "ETH" and "BNB", "USDC" buttons.
3. Choose your position
Press the yellow "Predict" button. Note, that each pool has its own acceptance period, so if the button is yellow, you can place your prediction, and if it is grey, predictions are unavailable.
Choose your side and prediction amount and press the "Confirm" button.
4. Claim prize
In order to claim your reward you need to push the "Claim" button located at the "Closed Pools" at the bottom of the main page.