Predictable outcomes
PROSPER is a short-term non-custodial prediction
& hedging platform based on the Binance Smart Chain.
- Retail-oriented
- Custom pools owned by users
- Unique prediction insurance system
- Fiat integration
- Crosschain support
- Simple concept
- Liquidity programs with stablecoin income

Our advantages
Only crypto-oriented -
Can't be customized -
No engaging features -
No fiat gateways -
Built on single chain -
Not user-friendly -
Lack of liquidity -
smart contract
make a prediction

check conditions
Liquidity program
free maximum insurance fund
The main problem of the crypto prediction markets is a lack of liquidity. We are aiming to solve that by implementing binary models of liquidity provision. As PROSPER is a short-term prediction market, the results of each pool are pretty much randomized.

This means, that in general the expected value for liquidity providers is always positive.

high annual percentage rate income
0% treasury
What do we offer for liquidity providers:
Token utility
Lower comission rates
Prediction insurance
Access to exclusive pools
Custom pool creation
Liquidity incentives
Prediction insurance
Prosper DAO Treasury – 3%
At the moment of prediction placing, each user may reserve some amount of PROS tokens in order to ensure his prediction. The maximum amount of the reserved tokens equals 10% of the user prediction amount. Each exact pool has its own insurance fund.

At the moment of the reward distribution,
15% of the prize is taken to the pool insurance fund and distributed to users who lost their predictions, but reserved PROS tokens for the insurance.

The distribution is linearly based on the amount of reserved tokens.
Winner – 97%
Insurance fund: Pending
This feature is currently in development and will be released soon.
Custom pools
PROS token
Custom pool
Unlike other prediction markets, PROSPER allows users to create their own pools with their own conditions. In order to create a custom pool, the user needs to hold some amount of PROS tokens on his wallet. Prediction creator can set his own custom treasury rate.

What's next?


Q1 2021

Custom Pools
Prediction insurance
BNB, ETH, BTC and DOT prediction pools
Additional timeframes
Binary Liquidity Program
Launch on Ethereum
Launch on Avalanche
Launch on Matic
DAO governance release
Trustwallet integration
Wallet connect integration
Chart integration
Referral program
Redesign v3.0

Near blockchain support
more assets for predictions
prediction analytics
fiat integration
mobile app

Q2 2021

Q3 2021

Polkadot blockchain support
cross-pools and express predictions
wager function
more timeframes
more assets for predictions

blockchain liquidity aggregator and bridges
custom decentralized lotteries
sport predictions and aggregation
volatility pools
custom predictions

Q4 2021

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