How does it work
Important: please, note, that from now on you will make predictions using your real assets. And make sure that you do not attach hardware wallets since Prosper does not support them at the moment.
Step 1: connecting BSC mainnet to Metamask
To predict on Prosper, BSC mainnet must be attached to your Metamask wallet. First, you should open Metamask extension in your browser and choose "Settings":
Then you need to add Binance Smart Chain mainnet by clicking on "Add network" button and filling in the necessary parameters:
Congratulations! You've successfully added Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet. Use the switcher located at the top of the metamask window to change the network.
Step 2: make a prediction
Go to and press the "Connect wallet" button:
Choose the prediction currency (At the moment you can make predictions using BNB or USDC) and the prediction pair (At the moment we are supporting predictions only for BNB and ETH prices). Press the "Predict" button to place your first prediction. Note that the pool is accepting predictions only for 10 minutes. If the button has grey colour, the prediction placing is unavailable and you need to wait before placing your prediction.
Great! Your first prediction on Prosper has been placed! If everything is correct, you will see the next pop-up screen:
In the next window you need to select a prediction side: bulls or bears and type in prediction amounts in BNB or USDC. Then check again all the data you entered. After that has been done, click "Confirm" button:
If you've successfully connected your wallet to, the page will look like the one on the screen below:
Step 3: make a prediction
Scroll down the screen to find the "Closed pools" section and press the "My" tab. If you won the prediction, push the "Claim" button located at the "Status" column. Confirm transaction on Metamask and the funds will be automatically delivered to your wallet!